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More for Moore

OK-for-WebLast month, our nation was struck with tragedy as the people of Oklahoma endured one of the most destructive tornados on record. The news was particularly hard for our team, as many of our Tulsa location employees witnessed the weather first hand.

Our own Tim Ellerbe, a technician based in Tulsa, has been volunteering his time outside of work to help with the recovery efforts in Moore, OK. Here is an excerpt from his heartfelt request for donations:

“As most people around the world now know, Moore, OK has been completely destroyed by an EF-5 tornado. After much speculation, it has been confirmed that the tornado caused 24 casualties in its path of destruction. The tornado was 1.3 miles wide, with winds in excess of 210 miles per hour and left a 17 mile trail of absolute devastation. What has been forgotten is that there was also a pair of F-4 tornados the day prior in Carney and Bethel Acres, OK, causing one casualty and destroying those in the wake.
The last total I heard on the news was 2,400 homes lost or damaged, 10,000 people immediately affected. In following with the compassion I have seen shown, I ask that you help in any way that you can…”

Our Birmingham/Corporate office was glad to aid Tim by collecting monetary donations to help in the recovery effort. Building & Earth Sciences generously matched employee giving. We are proud to have a leader like Tim in our midst, and our hearts are with those still recovering from the tornado’s aftermath.

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