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Get to Know the Team: Nathan Anderson

Want to know what a career looks like at Building & Earth? It’s important to us that we place a focus on empowering the members of our team through technology and knowledge. Our leadership team encourages continued education and professional development, because we are nothing without the knowledge and expertise of our team members.

It’s the people who are hard at work in the office, on the jobsite, and connecting with our clients every day who make our company culture great. Over the next few months, we’ll be catching up with several of our employees at some of our 16 locations across the South and Midwest.

Here, learn what daily life looks like for Nathan Anderson, who works out of our Louisville location. Read on to learn more about Nathan, what he does, and why he loves being a part of the Building & Earth team.

Why do you love what you currently do?

One thing that made me apply for my current position at Building & Earth was the knowledge that a good portion of my work would be conducted outside. I’m a small-town guy with a love for the outdoors. Sitting in an office 100% of the time didn’t appeal to me, and this position has given me the opportunity to work hands-on in the field over much of my time here.

What does your day look like at Building & Earth?

An aspect that I enjoy about my position at Building & Earth is that there is never a dull moment in my workday—every day brings new challenges and engineering problems to solve. Some days, you’ll find me with a drill crew, recording and sampling soil borings. Other days, I’m observing earthworks operations on a construction site or in the office drafting geotechnical reports and appendices.

What makes an optimal working environment, and how does Building & Earth help facilitate that?

To me, an optimal working environment is different for everyone. It should be an environment that employees feel comfortable in and feel that they can perform their daily tasks at the most efficient level. Our branch manager and office manager in the Louisville, Kentucky, branch both do a great job of making sure employees are content with their working environment.

Things aren’t always easy—sometimes we may have long weeks and difficult jobs—but Building & Earth employees are respected and acknowledged for their contributions to the company.

What has been one of the biggest achievements—or wins—you or your team has had in your time at Building & Earth?

I would say the biggest achievement in my time at Building & Earth is the growth we’ve seen in our local client base. Through business development measures, efficient field work and lab work performance, lots of effort in our geotechnical work, and a lot of long hours, our branch has begun to gain the attention of more and more local clients. We’ve started many new projects involving power plants, military bases, apartment complexes and even railroads.

What makes you proud to work at Building & Earth?

I take pride in the quality of work we perform here. I’m proud of the effort that our employees are willing to put forth to get the job done on a daily basis. And when errors are made—because every company makes them sooner or later—we own up to them and do our
best to find a solution. Honesty is an important part of our company’s mission.


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