Solar Energy

Building & Earth’s team has substantial solar experience providing services for 50+ ground based projects in 6 states. Our firm has the resources to provide the full range of environmental, geotechnical engineering and testing services required to aid in successful project delivery. Additionally, our offices located in the Midwest and Southeast have substantial regional experience on a broad range of significant solar energy projects including those with difficult site soil conditions.

Renewable Energy

The demand for energy is driving a boom of construction for alternative and renewable energy including wind farms and solar farms. Building & Earth Sciences has developed a reputation throughout the industry as a firm which mobilizes the necessary resources to deliver on the demanding schedules required for these projects wherever they may be located. We offer experienced field technician crews supported by onsite mobile lab trailers often working in very harsh conditions. Our services encompass every element of geotechnical engineering and materials testing/Inspections including all necessary soils, aggregate, concrete and grout testing, as well as bolt torque testing.Building & Earth Sciences has provided services for 50+renewable energy projects in the last 9 years. These projects have a combined project value well over $5 Billion.


Warehouse and distribution center projects involve heavy foundation loads and placement of large amounts of concrete and steel placed within tight construction schedules. Our personnel have provided geotechnical engineering and materials testing and inspection services for projects ranging in size from 50,000 sqft to 1+ Million sqf for some of the largest firms in the country.

To maximize our service to our clients, we have established mobile testing labs in remote locations and invested in technology such as multiple FACE Dipstick devices for floor flatness evaluation and FLIR thermal image systems to evaluate roofs and masonry walls.

Our site-knowledgeable geotechnical engineers, ACI-trained concrete technicians, Certified Welding Inspectors, and registered roof inspectors work together to deliver critical facilities under demanding deadlines.


Transportation infrastructure projects require careful attention to subgrade issues as well as the quality of the materials placed. Our personnel have extensive experience providing geotechnical engineering and materials testing services to a wide range of clients including Departments of Transportation in multiple states as well as local municipalities and developers who build roads and bridges which must meet state and local standards.

With state DOT-certified technicians and materials engineers knowledgeable about every aspect of roadway design, we are able to assist in the timely delivery of any project from simple lane additions and pavement overlays to new highways and bridges.


Airport projects are complex, requiring careful attention to project planning. Runway closures and non-standard work hours complicate the tasks required.

Our associates have over 25 years of experience providing service on airport projects, whether small local general aviation airports, major air carrier airports or military airfields. They are knowledgeable about all current FAA requirements including P-401 and P-501 pavement standards as well as stringent military standards found on airbases nationwide.

Our associates provide a full range of services including geotechnical analysis of subgrades for runways, taxiways and aprons, Pavement Condition Index (PCI) evaluation of surface conditions; and materials testing , QA/QC or RPR services on both airside and landside construction projects including runways, taxiways, hangars, air carrier terminals, cargo facilities, fuel farms, access roads and parking structures.

Transportation Projects

The Transportation infrastructure needs in our country are great. From crumbling bridges to congested interstates and airport delays, a new focus is being placed on revitalization and expansion of our transportation systems to make them safer and more efficient.

Our team has the experienced personnel to tackle the most complex of transportation projects, whether highways, roads, bridges or airports. We can provide the environmental, geotechnical engineering, materials testing and inspection services your team needs to deliver these projects on budget and on schedule.


Building & Earth Sciences has a well known reputation throughout the industry as a firm which understands the unique demands required to deliver quality retail projects. Our firm has worked with each of the participants within this demanding arena and has the insight to service the client, whether an owner, developer or contractor. Our experience with all three allows us to anticipate potentially costly obstacles to a project’s success and offer value to the client though innovative solutions.

Our services have included environmental consulting and geotechnical engineering during development, materials testing and Special Inspections during the construction phase of new lifestyle and power centers, owner-supplied testing and inspection for new big box locations of some of the nation’s largest retailers, as well as a current focus on renovations for new sustainability and LEED requirements.

Wind Energy

Building & Earth Sciences offers a seasoned wind farm project team led by Jeff Cowen, P.G., P.E. – President and Founding Principal, Robert Adams, P.E. – Sr. Vice President – Principal Materials Engineer and Founding Principal and George Hays, NICET Level IV-Alternative Energy Division Senior Project Manager. This team has managed effective QC teams for 20 wind farm projects in the last 9 years. These projects have a combined project value well over $4 Billion.


Today’s office space is very different from that of buildings even ten years ago. Green buildings, Sustainable design and LEED certifications are the focus as companies seek better environments to retain top talent and to boost their employees performance.

Whether a basic single story building or a steel or concrete framed multi-story tower on deep foundations, our firm’s associates, including LEED accredited project managers, site-knowledgeable geotechnical engineers, ACI-trained concrete technicians and Certified Welding Inspectors, work together with your team to deliver the state of the art facilities today’s employees demand.


Basic services such as water and sewer are taken for granted in most communities, but if the water does not run because of pipe breaks or streets flood due to poor storm sewer drainage, those responsible hear about it quickly.

Our staff has extensive experience working on water and waste water systems projects with municipal and utility clients all over the Southeast and Midwest. Our associates provide environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering and materials testing/inspections services for any size project, whether a small pump station, a water line or a major multi-million dollar treatment plant update.